PORTFOLIO > irezumi

Body, skin and bones with flowers growing blooming
40 x 26

The print is technically a portrait of my good friend Casey, a wonderful artist and printmaker, whom I had the honor to give this actual tattoo of Cup of Gold’s.
About a year went by until the humongous tattoo was finally finished;
In this same year, so much had happened in Casey’s life, that I believe I saw her grow, or morph into something new and spectacular in this time.
The symbolism of the tattoo was magically connected to her reality.
I had printed myself and others upon paper before,- so it came that Casey
Agreed to be smothered in ink and printed upon sekishu as well.
Then I used the actual tattoo-stencil to create the five color woodblocks for the ‘cup of gold’.
I love that this print conveys all human aspects of the story above, without necessarily depicting a tattoo. I am very happy with it!

The print was previously shown at the Kahilu Gallery on the Big Island;
“14+1: Hawai’I Printmaking Now” curated by Margo Ray.