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The Hawaiian and the Haole
The Hawaiian and the Haole
intaglio etching
plates 18'' x18'' diptych

Maui Hands Group Exhibition 'Ink,Wire,Paint' 2006
Hawai'i Institute for Human Rights
'War and Peace Exhibit' 2007

The dyptich is a bitter sweet view of two cultures through my experience as a tattoo artist here on Maui, in Europe, and on the Mainland.
The Hawaiian looks you in the eye. His tattoos represent integrity with nature and his ancestors, and pride in belonging to himself and his a’ina.
Even the western lettering on his arm is rooted in his heritage, a combination of missionary influence and family pride.
His landscape is the same it was a thousand years ago, only the pickup truck and the modern fishing pole refer to the western world and our present time.
The Haole looks out, beyond the frame. His tattoos represent pride in his god and country as active forces, and yet reveal his rebellious attitude..
Reminders of personal moments , like lost love, and silly irrelevant whims become expressions of his individuality. His landscape is industrial, man made, for the purpose of expansion.