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    Tania Arens was born 1969 in N.YC. She has spent most of her upbringing in Europe/Germany, where she studied painting at the Staedelschule Frankfurt from 1988-1993.
    Her work at the time was influenced by the underground/subcultures of Europe,- which led her towards the world of tattooing.
    She studied the craft of tattooing, which again inspired her to travel
    In order to explore tattoo traditions in various cultures.
    Her travels led her to the Hawaiian Islands where she rediscovered her German grandparents trade: printmaking.
    Since 1995 her work is exploring the commonality of printmaking and tattooing, influenced by the multicultural symbolism of the craft.
    Her award winning work has been exhibited across the Hawaiian Islands, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

    Tania Arens
    Lives and works on Maui, Hawaii

    Staedelschule Frankfurt, Germany
    Faculty Painting, Prof. Christa Naeher

    Professional Experience:
    Apprenticeship in tattooing, Frankfurt, Germany
    Apprenticeship with Master Printmaker Paul Mullowney at Hui No’eau
    Visual Art Center
    Studio Tech, Printstudio, Hui No’eau Visual Art Center
    Assistant printmaker at Mullowney Printing with Raking Light Projects, San Francisco
    Creator of Paia Print Lab
    Ongoing collaboration with tattooist/artist/printmaker Kandi Everett
    Lead print technician in project with artist Vincent Goudreau
    Assistant printmaker with the artists Abigail Romantschak and
    Jim Powlan.
    Teaching Artist in printmaking at Hui No'eau Visusl Art Center in:
    Intaglio Etching
    Nontoxic Intaglio Etching
    Moku Hanga / Japanese Woodcut
    Survey of Relief Printmaking
    Prontoplate Lithography
    Silkscreen Basics

    Group Exhibitions
    2017 Malame Wao Akua, East Maui Watershed & Hui No’eau
    2016 Hui No’eau Annual Juried Exhibition
    2016 Uniques Art Sale, Schaefer gallery/ Maui Arts and Cultural Center
    2016 Malame Wao Akua, East Maui Watershed & Hui No’eau
    2016 Commitment to Excellence, Japanese Chamber of Commerce,
    2016 Voyaging, Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center, Maui, Hawai’i
    2016 HonoluluPrintmakers 88th Annual Juried Exhibition,
    Academy Art Center, Honolulu
    2015 Hui No’eau Annual Juried Exhibition, Maui, HI
    2014 Los Angeles Printmakinng Society 'Push and Pull'
    Brea Art Gallery, Orange County
    2014 'OKTP' Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco
    2014 HonoluluPrintMakers 86th Annual Juried Exhibition,
    Academy Art Center, Honolulu
    2013 'Uniques' Artsale, Schaefer International Gallery, Maui, HI
    2013 'Mixed Media Miniature Exhibition' Koa Art Gallery, Honolulu
    2013 'Gomineko Crew Artshow', PaiaTattoo Parlor, Maui
    2013 'Commitment to Excellence', Japanese Chamber of Commerce,
    2013 'Art Maui' 2013, Schaefer International Gallery, Maui
    2013 'Contempo' Honolulu Art Academy, Honolulu
    2012 'The Blue Show', Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center, Makawao, HI
    2012 'Hui No'eau Annual Juried Exhibition', Makawao, HI
    2012 Kahilu Gallery “14+1: Hawai’i Printmaking Now” Kailua, Hawai’i
    2011 'Student Salon Exhibit' Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center, Maui, HI
    2011 'Honolulu Printmakers Annual Juried Exhibition' Academy Arts
    Center, Honolulu, HI
    2009 'Honolulu Printmakers Annual Juried Exhibition' Honolulu
    2008 'Honolulu Printmakers Annual Juried Exhibition', Honolulu
    2008 'Kites!' Hui No' Eau Visual Arts Center, Makawao, HI
    2007 'War and Peace exhibit' The Hawaii Institute for Human Rights, HI
    2007 Honolulu Academy of Arts ''Artists of Hawaii 2007'' Honolulu, HI
    2006 Maui Hands, group exhibition ''Ink, Wire, Paint'' Paia, HI
    2004 Wild Banana Gallery's ''International Underground''
    Whitney Young Cultural Center, San Francisco CA

    Solo Shows
    1998 ''Wasserbilder'' Gallerie Atmo, Frankfurt, Germany
    1997 ''Marocco'' Gallerie Atmo, Frankfurt
    1990 ''Kreta'' Gallerie Atmo, Frankfurt
    1988 Gallerie Gegenwart, Frankfurt
    1988,''Mahlings'' Gallerie Krieg, Frankfurt

    2012 Honorable Mention, Hui No'eau Visual Art Center, Makawao
    2011 Award for excellence in memorial of Peter Morse,
    Honolulu Printmakers, Academy Art Center Honolulu
    2008 Award for excellence in relief printmaking, Honolulu Printmakers, Academy Art Center, Honolulu

    Current occupation:
    Teaching Artist in Printmaking, Hui No'eau Visual Art Center
    Studio Tech/Manager Printstudio, Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center